TNR Fuels is an ultra-premium fuel. We use nothing but the highest quality nitro and oils to make a superior fuel.

We took pride in producing a product not only for entry level racing, but to compete at the professional racing level. It has been tested by many RC drivers and blended to perfection.

Most importantly, the treatment and maintenance our fuel provides for nitro engine is amazing.



Our core mission is to provide a superior product that can be use with excellent satisfaction. A product that will help guide you to victories and back to having fun burning nitro with family and friends.

This 25% blend was specially created for 1/8 scale on-road Pan car. It was formulated to handle high RPM engines, which will allow you to receive maximum power. This formula will create an awesome carbon build-up; therefore, their engines have a much lowe

25% 1/8 Scale On-Road


16% On-Road



Thanks to Chris Nelson and TNR FUELS for the amazing opportunity! I got to test the fuel before the track change and was so impressed. The fuel mileage and power is unmatched!! So happy to be Racing again and can't wait to knock off the rust! if anyone has any questions regarding the fuel send me a message! See everyone this weekend!! #TNRFuels

Corbyn Showers


Had an amazing Saturday testing this fuel. TNR is impressive! It tuned immediately, the engine never climbed above 250, has great linear power, and gave me almost 10 minutes run time. Early on, I was the only one at the track. I ran three full tanks. I flipped upside down a few times, and I had time to run all the way down from the driver’s stand, walk out to right my buggy, and walk all the way back up, and the engine never flamed out and didn’t load up! I ran 10 tanks total for the day. Congratulations Chris Nelson on a fantastic fuel! Joey ShowersCorbyn ShowersChristian ShowersI highly recommend this fuel!

Gino DeSantis


I would like to say that tnr fuel is no joke! We came from vp racing been there for 5 + years and had no issue switching.. when I say no issues I mean NO issues.. Chris Nelson is a class act to say the least and can not thank this man enough for what he is doing in rc.. rc needs way more like him.. nothing but a pleasure sir and look forward to the future

Kevin Palmer


After using @powermasters fuel which became Vp/power master fuel for over 35+ years I have decided after a few months of testing to endorse @TNRfuels. Super excited for Chris Nelson if you haven’t tried it hit him up and see what it’s about.

Tim Lime


Well those of you at the ohio RC factory this weekend saw and heard my Reds Scuderia V2 screaming as usual but with a crisp sound and more power to it. Introducing my new fuel Sponsor. TNR Fuel. Crisp sound More power and great idle. Thanks Chris Nelson I'm proud to represent a great fuel and a better man. If you haven't tried it....

Todd Christian